Facility Rentals

The Owen Brown Community Center is available for meetings, parties and other rentals.


Learn about our upcoming events or meetings for the Owen Brown community taking place at our Center.

Owen Brown is governed by covenants which are enhanced by architectural guidelines. 


  • Dec 2 Village Board Meeting at the Park View Apts 7;00 PM
  •  Dec 10 RAC Meeting 7:30 PM
  • Dec 13 Snacks with Santa 12:00 PM
  • Dec 16  Village Board Mtg 7;00 PM

Local News and Events

A Message from BGE about Owen Brown 

BGE is committed to providing you with safe and reliable energy. As part of this commitment, we maintain trees and vegetation near energy rights of way. BGE's Forestry Operations staff works with specially trained professional contractors to prune and remove any trees that may interfere with the power lines.

In the coming weeks BGE will be clearing vegetation along the company's overhead transmission line rights of way in Owen Brown and Oakland Mills. Our vegetation management strategy to protect power lines from trees and branches is based on a four-to-five-year trimming cycle and is supplemented by routine inspections and reliability performance data.

​ For preventive maintenance, BGE follows accepted utility clearance standards, the best management practices outlined in Maryland's Tree Expert License Law and the A300 standards for pruning established by the American National Standards Institute. Our vegetation management program strives to minimize the impact on Maryland's tree canopy while maintaining your service reliability.

​ If you have any questions, please contact BGE at 1-800-685-0123 or visit us at http://www.bge.com/safetyreliability/reliability/treetrimming/pages/default.aspx